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CVR: 31 22 09 47

Address: Female Founders House, Bredgade 45B, 1260 Copenhagen S, Denmark

Phone: +45 53 89 53 10

Email address: kontakt@legalmasteradvisor.com  

Website: www.legalmasteradvisor.com

Unless otherwise agreed between LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR and you, these terms of conditions apply to any advisory task that LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR has undertaken upon your request.


When entering into an advisory agreement between LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR and you, the terms and conditions below will apply. By entering into an advisory agreement with LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR, you agree to these terms and conditions.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR’s terms of conditions describe the terms of the agreement, the terms of the cooperation and how the parties will deal with any inconsistencies.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is a provider of legal services.

It is a term for the conclusion of the advisory agreement that you acknowledge that LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is not a law firm or is in any way associated with a law firm, and that all services provided on the website or through personal, written or telephone advice are offered by lawyerswho are not lawyers. You can purchase legal advice and other services via written communication (regular mail, email correspondence, telephone calls, and video conversations) as well as by purchasing templates for checklist, etc.

Description of the legal services

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR provides legal advice in areas such as land cross-border areas, including tax advice, employment law, immigration law and more arising from national or international issues, as well as academic writing and editorial work. The advice consists of assisting you with any legal issues and questions that you may have in connection with applicable law and facilitating professional advice outside Denmark. The purpose of the advice is to provide relevant, accurate, and adequate assistance with the necessary speed and to continuously inform you of the course of the case and to align your expectations for the scope, price and outcome of the case.

The legal advice only covers the pre-agreed legal issues relating to your case and for which an advisory agreement has been concluded. Issues that arise in addition to the agreed service must be agreed separately in a new advisory agreement or in addition to the existing one.


LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is responsible according to the general laws and regulations of Danish law and the law on legal advice, including the rules of good practice for legal advice. LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages, including data loss, loss of profit, profit, operating loss, etc.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR only advises on Danish law and can therefore only be responsible after this.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR’s advice is only provided on a case-by-case basis and should therefore not be used in the case of others.

Professional secrecy

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is confidential and therefore does not discuss your case or information with other unauthorized persons. If it is necessary to disclose information in order for the case to be resolved, this must be done with the consent of  you. Consent must be obtained in writing by the party with whom the advisory agreement has been concluded.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR’s confidentiality applies to information that you have provided yourself others about in connection with the preparation of cases. All employees of LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR are subject to the same obligation of professional secrecy.

Conflict of interest

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR may not provide advice if it is found that there may be a conflict of interest or incapacity. In the event of a similar situation, LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR will simply refer to another advisory firm.

If the client itself becomes aware that similar situations may exist, this must be disclosed immediately to LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR.

If, before any of the above situations have arisen, LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR has provided advice, we will assess the cost of the service that you will receive in an invoice with a payment deadline.


All prices are in Danish kroner and including VAT but excluding any fees and charges to authorities or the like. Payment is made upon receipt of the invoice with a payment deadline of 5 days sent to your e-mail.

The hourly rate is DKK 1,490 including VAT per initiated advisory hour.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR offers completely non-binding in specific cases to deal with the whole case for a pre-agreed lump sum, which is determined in consultation with you. LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR may in special cases discount the hourly rate.

In the case of non-payment, LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR will send a total of two reminders if the first invoice has not been paid within the deadline. For each reminder, a reminder fee of DKK 100 will be imposed. If the last reminder is not paid within the time limit, the case will be transferred to the debt collection agency. In the extreme, the case will then be transferred to the bailiff’s court.


LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR does not use client accounts.

Breach of contract and consequences

If there is a material breach of the contract on the part of either party, the other party may terminate the contract if desired.

If there is a material breach of payment by you, LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is entitled to terminate the agreement immediately. The payment must be made regardless of the termination of the contract.

When and how to repeal the advisory agreement

As a rule, the agreement ends when your case is closed, and settlement is submitted.

If you wish to terminate the agreement earlier, this can be done by written request. The price will be assessed in relation to the amount of advice given and the work done.

You only pay for the work done in connection with your case.

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR may also terminate the agreement if there is material breach on your part, conflict of interest, incapacity, etc.

Right of withdrawal and complaint

When you accept an offer from LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR, you also consent to the termination of the provision of your service and the termination of your 14-day right of withdrawal.

You can still cancel your order but you will be charged for the advice already provided. If you want to cancel your order for advice, you must immediately inform your legal advisor at LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR.

You can advertise your advice by writing to us at kontakt@legalmasteradvisor.com stating 1) the reasons for the complaint and 2) the case number.

Data protection

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is the data controller for the processing of personal data when it is collected. LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR processes personal data about you when we process your case. These are used to prepare documents for your case, for general handling of the case and to be able to advise you in the best possible way.

We will process the information about you for as long as your case is resolved.

If the case ends prematurely or you want the processing stopped, you always have the option to have your information deleted. By submitting your case to us, you further agree that we may use your information that you have provided to us.


A complaint about a legal service purchased from LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR can be filed with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Centre for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via  www.forbrug.dk.

The European Commission’s online complaint portal can also be used when lodging a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaint filed here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When filing a complaint, please provide our e-mail address kontakt@legalmasteradvisor.com.

Laws and jurisdiction in the event of dispute

When agreements are concluded with LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR, it is always the Danish laws & rules that apply. In the event of conflict or inconsistency, this must be resolved in accordance with the Danish laws and regulations and can therefore only be brought before Danish courts.

The chosen venue will be where LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR has an office, which is currently Copenhagen.

As a starting point, however, conflict mediation will be used if a conflict or dispute arises between LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR and you. This is done to ensure a rapid and effective resolution of the conflict or dispute.

Change in terms and conditions

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR reserves the right to at all times change or adapt the terms of trade to comply with the applicable laws, regulations, and market conditions. Therefore, reservations are made that changes and errors may occur. The date of the last update of the terms of trade is at the bottom of the terms of trade under “Last Updated”.

Other provisions

LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR makes reservations for printing and price errors.


Last Updated On 30 August 2022