Our services include:

  • Taxation in Denmark
  • Personal taxation – tax liability in Denmark
  • Deductions and allowances
  • Double domicile
  • Expatriates
  • Real estate
  • Pension
  • Tax meetings (entry/exit)
  • Binding responses
  • Taxes when you are from the EU or outside from the EU
  • Customs
  • Compliance – the tax calendar and filing obligations
  • A complete A-Z guideline of what to do in practice when you move to or out of Denmark

Tax advisory services for businesses

Our business services include:

  • Registration of business status for tax purposes
  • Starting or closing a business in Denmark
  • Tax rules for foreign business operating in Denmark
  • Taxation schemes for business owners
  • Deductions for expenses
  • Compliance and tax return filing obligations
  • A complete A-Z guideline of what to do in practice when your business moves to or out of Denmark
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The Expatriate Tax Scheme for foreign researchers and highly-paid employees (“Forskerskatteordningen”)

The Expatriate Tax Scheme is a special tax regime offered in Denmark to highly paid inbound expatriates and researchers recruited from abroad. Employees may elect to be taxed at a rate of 27 % on employment income and other cash allowances, for up to 84 months.

We can assist you with:

  • Advice on requirements to apply for the special expatriate tax scheme and procedure for the application
  • Application on behalf of your or your employee
  • Review of employment offer
  • Complaints, if you have received a rejection

Filing complaints to the Danish Tax Authorities

We make a specific case-by-case assessment and manage most types of tax cases when offering our assistance to both individuals and businesses who needs to file a complaint about a ruling from the Danish tax authorities.

  • Handling tax complaints before the National Tax Court, the Tax Appeals Boards and the Tax Appeals Board
  • Tax disputes over decisions made by the tax authorities
  • Cost allowance

The cost of expert assistance is covered by 50%, regardless of the loss of the case. In the event that you win the case the cost allowance covers 100% of the costs for expert assistance. This essentially means, that if you have an appeal case that you win or are largely successful in, the case is free of costs to you and without having to compromise your personal finances.

If you have any doubts whether you have reasons for an appeal, please contact us for a free and non-binding assessment of your case.

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