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My name is Hayel Celik-Graversen and I am the founder of LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR. I appreciate you for visiting my website where you can find information about my professional skills and services and get to know a little bit about who I am. I was born on 26 July 1982 and grew up on a small island in Denmark just 15 minutes away from the beaming centre of charming Copenhagen. I hold a Masters-of-Laws from the University of Copenhagen and I have more than 13+ years of experience in the legal profession in Denmark. I am committed to supporting gender equality and empowering women in every aspect possible. I am part of the Network of Women in Law and Tech facilitated by My Law Story. 

My boutique legal hub is my ongoing life project where I assist clients professionally within my niche areas and with business development. LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR is also where I enhance my own personal growth, expand my network and build professional collaborations. While being a modern entrepreneur – and human’s rights advocate with a vision of personal freedom – I expand my legal and human skills from a holistic starting point and give advice to others accordingly.

Professional experience:

Currently, I work as a Senior Legal Advisor at University of Copenhagen where I negotiate contracts related to EU-funded research and innovation projects. My former experiences in my career has been in the private sector as an Associate attorney, Inhouse Legal Advisor in an international research institution, Tax Manager at Big4 and Head of Section at the Danish Refugee Appeal’s Board at the Danish Department of Justice. From time to time I teach law classes as an external lecturer at the Copenhagen Law Faculty, latest within Advanced Taxation.

What drives me next to being a trusted advisor:

While growing up and during my academic studies I found most interest in writing, cinema and photography and I still see the world through an aesthetic lens in everything I do. 

My most important focus in life is to be the mother of to my two young sons and invest in my family. I hope to inspire others to live in balance with their core values. 

Aside from growing my legal hub, I have started a new and innovative slow living hospitality concept called The Guesthouse to inspire to a sustainable future.

My aim is to link the holistic approach to our lifestyle and into our work life to create balance and the best conditions for deep work and focus while maintaining our mental and physical health.

With The Guesthouse concept, I also want to share my life philosophy about being human in our age and inspire to slow living that has changed my personal and professional life for the past five years – and I have never felt better.

During the course of the year, The Guesthouse invites exclusive groups to events with the intention of creating space for workations, writing and reading stays. The Guesthouse is the perfect setting for this and invites everyone to live consciously.

Please visit www.theguesthouse.dk and follow the_guesthouse_slow on Instagram. 

I am a people’s person and would like to get to know about you and your journey too, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours truly,

Hayel Celik-Graversen

“I have a holistic approach to solving problems. I prefer to adjust my legal practice and business support to uncover your 360 degree needs to tailor what suits your requirements best.”

WHY choose legal master advisor?

Because I am with you step by step on your journey in person or virtually. I will help you either e.g. move to another country or run a business without you having to worry about the billables and time spent. In advance we will clear costs and expectations and over time I will teach you the necessities you need to know in order to handle things yourself.

Being international is in my DNA and I have an immense passion for being the legal and personal support that provide you and cross-borders with specialist and also practical advice to resolve issues relating to the international aspects of your career or businesses.

Meet me a Female Founders House:

I am member of the Female Founders House based in Copenhagen which is a female co-working and startup community established by Nordic Female Founders. 

I am committed to providing high-level services in the most cost-efficient way in my advisory, and I will continue to develop my boutique legal hub in every aspect with emphasis on working with kind and interesting people. It is indeed an exciting journey to be on and I hope you will join me.

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  • Danish Institute for International Studies (Inhouse Legal Advisor)
  • GALST (Associate Attorney)
  • LEXCIO Advokatfirma (Associate Attorney)
  • PwC (Tax Manager)
  • KPMG (Senior Tax Consultant)
  • EY (Senior Tax Consultant)
  • The Danish Justice Department (Head of Section)
  • Johan Schlüter Advokatfirma & Lundgrens (Paralegal)


  • Cand.jur., LL.M. (Master of Laws): University of Copenhagen (2011) 
  • Master i Skat (Master of Tax): Copenhagen Business School (2013-2016)
  • Attorney: Advokatsamfundets Advokatuddannelse (2019)
  • Literature & Creative Writing: Åbent Universitet, Copenhagen (2020)
  • Ayurvedic Health- & Lifestyle Consultant: Nordic Academy of Ayurveda (2022-2023)


  • Danish, English, Turkish, French & Spanish


  • Female Founders House (www.nordicfemalefounders.dk)
  • Network of Women in Law and Tech (www.mylawstory.org)
  • Symbion 
  • Dansk Industri 
  • W4.org 
  • Lederne
  • DJØF