We are dedicated to offer our competencies in a wide range of tax disciplines and assist with tax advisory, tax guides, binding rulings, the appeal system, compliance and administrative services to individuals and companies, including independent small businesses and digital nomades, freelancers etc.. We assist individuals and companies with issues that spread across large parts of tax law and collaborate with professionals with regards to mandatory filings of e.g. tax returns and more in due time to avoid non-compliance and fines. In addition to general tax advice, we also manage tax cases in the administrative complaint system.



We assist employers and employees with advice on the complicated issues related to expatriation or hiring-out of labour work. When recruiting from abroad or deploying Danish employees abroad, the employment itself becomes international. In this situation, there are several issues cross-border issues to consider – especially in relation to employment law, work and residence permits, tax and social security which are core specialities.



We understand the ongoing challenges associated with global assignments and compliance obligations and as your trusted advisor, we are attentive to your business drivers – ensuring consistent, ethical, accurate and efficient attention throughout our entire engagement with your company.

Be it visa services, relocation services, immigration policy advisory, or corporate visas, we are a one-stop shop for all your requirements. We offer a worthy alternative for those who value tailored, individual attention, innovative, and cost effective solutions from a network of professional immigration practitioners.



We wish to offer our services to anyone who needs a professional advice and provide general legal advisory on a broad range of legal areas. We also have a network of professionals with their own specialities, if we are unable to assist you further. We tailor our advice to the needs of the individual client with a mindset to always keep it simple and operate with solutions which add the most value with focus on easy processes and good communication.

We also assist within best practice solutions and customize checklists to your needs.

In addition to legal assistance, we also offer advise on business, management change and strategic issues for entrepreneurs and have helped small and medium-size companies with great success, and we are keen to join advisory boards for new startups.


In addition to our extensive knowledge we are on a mission to develop the right technology platforms to ensure that we meet the demands of our fast-paced and global era.