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My name is Hayel Celik-Graversen and I am the founder of LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR. I was born on 26 July 1982 and grew up on a small island in Denmark just 15 minutes away from the beaming centre of charming Copenhagen. I hold a Masters-of-Laws from the University of Copenhagen and I have more than 10+ years of experience in the legal profession where I have advised within international hires, sports-men, artists, and independent business owners & start-ups working overseas in various industries.

Aside from the consultancy business and law industry, I have worked with human rights and immigration law in the Department of Justice. I initially chose to study law in order to help others live better lives. I am also an external lecturer at the Copenhagen Law Faculty within Advanced Taxation.

Over the past years, optimization, digital solutions and business development have become my cornerstones too. Since 2006 I have provided advice to companies in the retail industry and helped with management consultancy and business development with great success. I always look out for advisory board opportunities with the aim of making an impact.

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Hayel Celik-Graversen

Legal Advisor, LL.M., Founder & CEO

WHY choose legal master advisor?

Because I am with you step by step on your journey in person or virtually. I will help you either e.g. move to another country or run a business without you having to worry about the billables and time spent. In advance we will clear costs and expectations and over time I will teach you the necessities you need to know in order to handle things yourself.

Being international is in my DNA and I have an immense passion for being the legal and personal support that provide you and cross-borders with specialist and also practical advice to resolve issues relating to the international aspects of your career or businesses.

I am committed to providing high-level services in the most cost-efficient way in my advisory, and I will continue to develop my boutique legal hub in every aspect with emphasis on working with technological platforms. It is indeed an exciting journey to be on and I hope you will join me.

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Former employers

  • GALST 
  • LEXCIO Advokatfirma
  • PWC 
  • KPMG
  • EY
  • The Danish Justice Department (Justitsministeriet)
  • Johan Schlüter Advokatfirma & Lundgrens (Paralegal)


  • Cand.jur., LL.M. (Master of Laws): University of Copenhagen (2011) 
  • Master i Skat (Master in Taxes): Copenhagen Business School (4/6 courses – 2013-2016)
  • Advokatsamfundets Advokatuddannelse (2019)


  • Danish, English, Turkish, French & Spanish


  • Dansk Industri
  • W4.org


My name is Monica Mazzoli and I joined LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR in May 2020 as a Communications Consultant.

I have a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of Copenhagen. Both during and after my studies, I have been interested in philosophy, communication, knowledge sharing, creating inspiring networks, teaching language and writing. I have always had a big interest in science and technology as well, and as I have entered the world of philosophy, this interest has expanded into data ethics and the influence of technological developments and digitalization on us humans. I am very pro-tech but I believe that ethical discussions are necessary for a sustainable development.

My philosophical background always plays some kind of role in the way I approach my work – I could be thinking about the essential meaning of the topic I am communicating, wondering how to ask the right questions or pondering over how we can share the common experiences of being human. The philosophical way of thinking enables me to bring forth ideas, conceptions and express values and communicate them as the thinker would.

I help people such as freelancers, businesses, digital nomads and writers gain new perspectives on their ideas. I challenge the ability for others to be better at hosting physical meetings or presentations, and I provide overview in large projects and events and help sharpen the way that we communicate the value that we create. This is what I contribute with in my work at LEGAL MASTER ADVISOR, and if you need help with e.g. creating your unique narrative, or practical assistance with planning and structuring projects, or writing texts for your business that stand out, I am here for you.

Please feel free to send me a query in the contact form on this site or to kontakt@legalmasteradvisor.com and we will revert to you with our suggestions and fee quote.

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  • MA in Philosophy: University of Copenhagen (2017)
  • BA in Philosophy and Italian Language and Culture: University of Copenhagen (2015)


  • Project Management (AROS Business Academy) (2019)
  • Facilitation and Co-creation (AROS Business Academy) (2019)
  • Data Science Ethics (Coursera/University of Michigan) (2019)
  • Digital Coordinator – Digital marketing, communication and analytics (Google Success Online and Københavns Erhvervshus) (2018)


  • Danish, Italian, English and some Spanish